Feb 22, 2021 12:00 PM
Relating to loved ones with dementia
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Virtual Meeting Tomorrow, Feb 22, at Noon
     Our speaker will be Diana Waugh, RN, BSN, CDP (Certified Dementia Practitioner) in person via Zoom.  She will answer questions about her video we watched last week on how to talk to a person with dementia. (Which was very favorably commented upon by nearly all who attended last week!)  She will also update us on her approach to relating to those with dementia (short term memory loss in particular). She is a Member of the Waterville, Ohio Rotary Club.  If you did not attend last week, be sure and watch the video before tomorrow's meeting.
     The virtual meeting will be hosted again by President, Sheila Mark Note the meeting will begin at 12 Noon.  We will adjourn at 1 PM, but are able to carry the meeting longer for anyone who wishes to stay on to chat.
     To join the meeting, click on the URL in your invitation email and provide the password (included in your invitation email) if requested.  If this is your first Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software (if you have not already done so).  It is recommended that you start your sign-in about  5-10 minutes before the meeting.  Note:  Should you unexpectedly get cut-off from the meeting, whether because of poor internet connection or because unexpected Zoom behavior, simply re-join the meeting as you did at the start.
     For first timers, Marcia Chadly has a great video on You Tube showing you how to use Zoom: .  You might want to watch this before Monday and try a Zoom meeting with friends or family.
     Note: Feel free to forward your invitation-email to family members, friends or colleagues that you would like to invite to join us.
     See you all on Monday at 12:00 Noon and Have your Happy Bucks ready!! 
Special Note
Brief Report on Virtual Happy Hour on Jan. 21st.
     I’m sorry if you missed our Rotary Happy Hour & Scavenger Hunt on January 21st.  It was more fun than any of us expected and a well-timed change of pace from the week of news binging.  We had a lot of laughs as people came up with their finds, items such as an empty toilet paper roll, a raw potato, a Rotary pin, and more. Competition was fierce, but Diane McVey (with Craig behind the scenes) won the first place prize.  The second place prize was taken by Alan & Sue Boyd and the third place was taken by Dave & Pat Palmer.  Scott Malcom and his daughter Ann Paulins might have done a little better if they had played at Ann’s house, as Scott had to run upstairs for some of his items.  Have you watched Scott run recently?  Mike Noel texted me after the event, expecting to get another point added to his score when he finally found an empty toilet paper roll on the floor chewed up by the dog.  Sorry, Mike, it was too late.LOL.  Tara Gilts served as the official score keeper. We all decided to have another event soon. Ideas for a fun event are being entertained (get it?) You won’t want to miss it.