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Discussion on Becoming a "Peacebuilder Rotary Club"

    Yesterday's Virtual Rotary Meeting included a discussion (lead by Pres. Sheila Mark) concerning our serious consideration of becoming a "Peacebuilder ROTARY Club".  The meeting included parts of the video of a District ROTARY Meeting devoted entirely to that very topic!  The first speaker presents a particularly interesting discussion of ROTARY's long history of involvement in 'World Peace" issues.

     All members are encouraged to check out the video referenced above!  I am sure we are going to hear more about this topic in the near future.

    Special Note:  If you have not been attending our virtual meetings, you have been missing out on some interesting discussions.  Not only are the Invited Speakers interesting, but we attending Rotarians (...well at least some) are also interesting, ...and hold important positions within the community.  We very often get reports on how various segments of the Athens community are fairing with regard to COVID threats.   

    Plan to attend next week's meeting and you may hear something you won't see in The Messenger until later in the week.

Special Note
Brief Report on Virtual Happy Hour on Jan. 21st.
     I’m sorry if you missed our Rotary Happy Hour & Scavenger Hunt on January 21st.  It was more fun than any of us expected and a well-timed change of pace from the week of news binging.  We had a lot of laughs as people came up with their finds, items such as an empty toilet paper roll, a raw potato, a Rotary pin, and more. Competition was fierce, but Diane McVey (with Craig behind the scenes) won the first place prize.  The second place prize was taken by Alan & Sue Boyd and the third place was taken by Dave & Pat Palmer.  Scott Malcom and his daughter Ann Paulins might have done a little better if they had played at Ann’s house, as Scott had to run upstairs for some of his items.  Have you watched Scott run recently?  Mike Noel texted me after the event, expecting to get another point added to his score when he finally found an empty toilet paper roll on the floor chewed up by the dog.  Sorry, Mike, it was too late.LOL.  Tara Gilts served as the official score keeper. We all decided to have another event soon. Ideas for a fun event are being entertained (get it?) You won’t want to miss it.
Thanking Front-line Workers Everywhere
  Photo by Craig Johnson.  Click on photo to see more.
     Again, Athens Rotary Club expresses thanks to front-line workers everywhere by thanking our own healthcare workers.  On a rainy Christmas Eve, "Thank You!" signs were placed beside sidewalks near Ohio Health O'Bleness Hospital to thank our healthcare workers for their service during the COVID-19 pandemic.  President Sheila Mark was assisted by Diane McVey and her husband Craig Johnson in placing the signs.  
     The signs were already available from similar previous events (all held in conjunction with the Athens Sunrise Rotary Club):  on June 29 held again at Ohio Health O'Bleness;  on July 14 held at the Athens County Health Department; and on July 21 at Station 51 of the Athens County Emergency Medical Service (ACEMS) on West Union Street).
Addendum (Jan 24):    In early January, we continued to recognize the work of Front-line Healthcare workers by placing signs of appreciation near their work place.  This time the signs were placed at Echoing Hills of Southeast Ohio with assistance of Athens Rotarian Mark Hutchinson.  Mark is their Regional Director.  See more photo's in our photo album.