Fellow Rotarian, Harry Kaneshige, Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering at Ohio University, passed away at his home in the early morning of Thursday May 26, 2016.  Harry joined Rotary in 2006 and was a very faithful attendee of our weekly meetings and participated generously in club activities.
He was born and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, and gave a memorable presentation at one of our noon meetings that included his eyewitness memories of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the immediate local aftermath.  Harry was 12 yrs. old at the time of the attack and was still in bed at about 8:00am that morning when he awoke to popping firecracker-like sounds and Coast artillery... 
If pressed to do so, Harry would proudly tell you he graduated from the Punahou School in Honolulu, and then quietly mention that President Obama later graduated from the same High School. 
Harry's soft-spoken presence and his generous service to our club and community will certainly be missed.  I include a few photos from his recent Rotary service below.
Harry at Copperheads Game Jul 1, 2015  
Attending the Copperheads Game, July 1, 2015.
Harry assisting at Friday Night Life Dinner with Good Works Feb 21, 2014
Assisting at Friday Night Life Dinner with Good Works, Feb 21, 2014.
Harry serving as an Observer-of-Record at 2015 Rotary Golf Tournament.
Serving as Hole-in-One Observer-of-Record at the 2015 Rotary Golf Tournament.
     I thank Harry's wife, Susan, for some of the information in this story.