Posted by Roger Rollins on Jan 24, 2020
  Athens Rotary's Good Works Friday Night Supper was held on Jan. 17, 2020 at The Plains United Methodist Church.
    The team of Rotary (and friends) volunteers to plan, purchase, prepare, cook, serve and clean-up were: Betsy Baringer and Tom Lazear, Tara Gilts, Mario Grijalva, Shane Jarrett, Candy Kemmerer, Diane McVey and Craig Johnson and their friend Dave Bradley, Mike Noel, Ann Paulins, Karen Vedder and Keith and Darlene Wasserman
  Approximately 100 community members attended the meal, and 40 community members signed up for take-home food.  Click on the photo to see the Photo Album.
   Good Works founders Keith Wasserman and his wife Darlene led the team in the kitchen preparing the meal and washing dishes (Darlene) and leading the supper and providing time for reflection and discussion after the event (Keith).  The meal of spaghetti and meatballs, vegetables and hummus, salad, Italian bread, and peaches and whipped topping for dessert was enjoyed by the attendees as well as the team of volunteers.
  The Rotary Foundation supported the event with a total cost of $384 for food and supplies.
  A special "Thank You!" goes to the volunteer team of members and friends for their commitment to service!  And thanks to Betsy Baringer, Diane McVey, and Club Service Chair Tara Gilts for information in this story and the photographs found in the Photo Album.