Good Works, the only homeless shelter for our county and eight neighboring counties, is adding a new building.  They are seeking volunteers with specific skills who would be willing to come and assist them as they construct this new building.

Brick – They are considering brick for the chimney. This is an area of approximately 400 square feet. They are also going to put in a brick hearth inside for the area of the wood stove. If you are an experienced mason and would like to take on this project, please let them know. If you would like to stay overnight with them to do this project, they can provide housing and food.

HVAC System – They will be contracting out the installation of the HVAC equipment, however, they will need help running the ducts. If you are skilled in this type of work, they would enjoy having your assistance.

Insulation – After the electric and ducts are in and inspected, they will work on installing insulation.

Drywall – They estimate that around March they will begin hanging drywall. Anyone with skills hanging drywall, mudding and finishing would be welcome to join them. The ceiling will have unique challenges as it is a sloped ceiling that ascends to about 18 feet. They will have all scaffolding and equipment necessary to complete this task.

Siding – They will be using a vinyl siding on the outside. They have begun this project, but have a long way to go. If siding installation is your area of skill and interest, please let them know. 

If you would like to see more photos of the Hope Center and read the vision for this facility, you can find that information on their web page ( under the Biblical Hospitality section on the front page.

 If you have expertise or would like to make a donation, please contact Paul Richard at 740/594-3336 or by email at              Or you might know someone you could pass this along to.