Posted by Roger Rollins on Sep 28, 2019
The project to renovate the Rotary Fountain located at the Athens Community Center is complete.  The Renovation Project was led by Rotarian Bruce Wentworth.   Click Here, or on the photo above, to view photos provided by Bruce showing a few "before" and "after" photos  collected in a photo album on this website.
Here is a brief summary of the project, from information and photos provided by Bruce Wentworth:
     The original design of the fountain incorporated Passion Works art in the metal flowers, fountain tile floor, and the Rotary themed tiles on the exterior. The exterior tiles survived the elements, but our climate was  damaging to their adhesion to the fountain surface. The metal flowers were affected by the chemicals required to keep the fountain water safe.  Due to these issues, the fountain was deteriorating and by early 2018 there was increasing concern about its condition.
When Terri Moore, Director of the Athens Community Arts, Parks, and Recreation, began her new position here in Athens, she met with Mayor (and Rotarian) Steve Patterson to discuss the condition and future of the fountain (See the "Before" photos in the Photo Album here).  They decided that something had to be done.  At Mayor Patterson's recommendation, she contacted Athens Rotarian Bruce Wentworth (in early 2018) to discuss the necessary repair and renovation of the fountain.   A committee, led by Bruce Wentworth, and consisting of a few Athens Rotarians, Terri Moore and Steve Patterson, and Patty Mitchel (Passion Works) was formed to consider the design changes necessary to make a lasting repair of the fountain.  Because the repair would almost certainly require the removal of the Passion Works tiles on the outer walls, we wanted to make sure that Patty Mitchel (Passion Works) was in support of the final design changes.  The new design, which is a modified version of our Rotary wheel, was approved by the committee.  It was decided to keep the internal floor tiles and have the metal flowers sandblasted and re-coated to resemble the stainless steel version of the Passion Works flower. 
      Before the actual work began, Bruce Wentworth submitted the plan, and cost estimate, to Terri Moore and the City agreed to fund the fountain renovation project, as described. 
      Work began in Spring 2019 and included obtaining a new pump for completion at the end of Summer 2019.  The labor was done by local craftsmen and all material was also sourced locally.  Bruce Wentworth volunteered his time and the assistance of his company, Sole-Wentworth Inc., donating wood for the concrete cap form-work.  Bruce reported that Rotarian Dan Smith joined him one morning for an enjoyable time removing some of the existing tiles.  The remaining tiles were too difficult to remove, so a local person was hired to complete the removal.
      The Fountain Renovation was completed in September 2019.  The results can be seen in the photos provided by Bruce Wentworth and displayed in the Photo Album Here.  Better yet, venture out to the Athens Community Center and see for yourself! 
     Special thanks to Bruce Wentworth for the time and effort he spent on this project.