The Athens Rotary Club has gained a new respect for Keith Wasserman and Good Works.  After his program at a Monday meeting, our Club volunteered to host a Friday night dinner on August 10, 2007 at the Good Works property on Luhrig Road.  It was held


outdoors in a shelter house near the Hannah House.  Despite extremely hot temperatures, a nice breeze kept everyone comfortable. 

We were impressed with the excellent facilities and we might consider having a Rotary picnic there at some point.  We were impressed with Keith's entertainment skills, but we caution him not to quit his day job.  We were impressed with the importance of  the dinners for those attending, both for the food and the socializing, as well as the training in manners and attitude.  One single father told me he comes every week "mainly for my girls (aged 5 & 10); it gives them a way to get out and do something."  An acquaintance of mine was so proud to show me his car, which had been purchased by his church. "I'm paying them back," he was quick to tell me.   

The food, supplied by our Rotarians under the direction of Lois Gerig, was absolutely delicious.  Everything was made from scratch.  Mary Diles cooked Chicken in at least four roasters.   Lois Gerig bought fresh corn on the cob from the garden of Dennison West (who did his Community work by shucking it all.) Sheila actually baked beans in the oven.  Ismail made wonderful rice and vegetable casseroles, Wilhelmina and Sushi each made delicious pasta salads, Christie and Sheila brought fresh vegetables and dip.   Elsworth made the first fruit salad,of his life and it was super.  Al and Sylvia Eckes also brought fruit, which was eaten very quickly.  Kathy Schumacher sent a bean & corn salad, and Marjorie Malcom baked 5 Texas sheet cakes.  Walmart donated plates, cups,  and cutlery.    We had an anonymous monetary donation and one from Karen Vedder.  Mary Tucker donated milk shakes, and the food item that Kay Johnson brought was eaten so fast I didn't even get to see what it was.

Everyone commented on the great food.  And there was plenty left to send home with those who wanted it.  The people at the Hannah house were ready with bags and containers to see that everyone went home with  a good meal for the next day.  And to top it off, they fired up a snow cone machine for a cool, sweet end to a perfect meal.  Volleyball, corn toss, and other games added to the fun.

You can find out more about Good Works and Friday Night Life at:     

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