The finale of the Amesville Elementary Library Project was held on October 28, 2015, at the Amesville Elementary Library, 23 Main St., Amesville, OH.  Shown in the photograph from Left to Right: Linda Cochran, Volunteer Librarian/Project Leader; Cathe Blower, Amesville Elementary Principal; George Wood, Federal Hocking Superintendent; Athena Brumfield, Amesville Elementary preschool student; Kerry Sheridan-Boyd, Rotarian/Amesville PTO; Raj Koshal, Rotarian/Friends of India; and Jackie Collins, Athens Rotary Club Past President.  See more pictures taken at the event in the photo album:
The Amesville Elementary Library Project was a joint undertaking by the Athens Rotary Club and The Friends of India Endowment.  The $11,166 check included $5000 from the Athens Rotary Foundation and $6,166 from Friends of India.  It should be noted that the Amesville PTO also contributed through a local community grant and the full Library Enhancement Campaign raised over $20,000 to update and restore the Amesville Elementary School Library. 
Linda Cochran, who is retired from the Athens Public Libraries, leads the project which is now in its second year.  For example, she updated the book collection and enlisted volunteers to move shelves and furniture as well as staff the library.  Now the library is open from 10-1 on M-Th staffed totally by volunteers and herself.  Every class of students has a regular time scheduled each week to come to the library to listen to the reading of a book and to select books to check out for the week.
      Thanks to Diane McVey, Rotary Foundation Sec.; Raj Koshal; and Jackie Collins for the information and photos in this story.