Dictionary ProjectIt really does take a village . . .
Ann Paulins spearheaded our Education Outreach Dictionary Program.  We provided dictionaries to every 3rd grader in the Athens County Schools.  Jan Garske enlisted the help of our High School Interact club.  Betsy Baringer sent out an invitation to all Rotary members to come participate.


See participants below:


Interact Club Participants:
Geoff Thacker             Interact Club Faculty Advisor
Leland Thacker         Geoff’s son
Daniela Grijalva        Interact President
Richard Hwang        Interact Vice President
Lark Knutsen            Interact Secretary
Emma Fenstermaker    Interact Treasurer
Gabi Grijalva            Interact Club Member

Rotarians who helped label dictionaries:
Harry Kaneshege
Sheila Marx
Jeanne Heaton
Jan Garske
Betsy Baringer
Brian Baringer, Betsy’s son
Ann Paulins

Rotarians delivering dictionaries:
Mary Diles (West)
Bob Rymer (Coolville)
Alan Boyd (East)
Betsy Barringer (Alexander)
Jan Garske (Nelsonville-York)
Ann Paulins (Trimble)
Bruce Ergood (The Plains)
Calvin James (Morrison-Gordon)
Kerry Sheridan Boyd (Amesville)

Thanks to Jan Garske for the information in this story and Jeanne Heaton for sending the picture--/Roger Rollins