Ambassadorial Scholar Emily Miner and her parents attended the Rotary Meeting on December 21.  Emily thanked Rotary for her scholarship and spoke to us about her background and interests in international relations.  She hopes to attend Oxford University.

Emily writes:

 I grew up in Athens and went to college at OhioUniversity.  In college I loved to travel and studied in Germany, India and Switzerland.  After graduating I move to New York and worked at an aid organization, where I learned a huge amount about international relations and what I  wanted my future role in the world to be.  I decided to apply for the Rotary for two reasons:  I thought it fit my goals of being an advocate for peace and goodwill in my future career and perhaps more basically, living away from home had taught me that in order to fully  experience and feel like part of a new place you need a community of people with similar values.  I have been assigned to OxfordUniversity in England and hope to pursue a degree in public health and international relations.